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About Us

We started with a plan to provide a new approach to the razor blade itself, using the highest quality Swedish steel and changing the spacing and sharpening angle so it shaved more efficiently and lasted much longer without any skin irritation.

Our six-blade Pegasus shaving system is a market leader worldwide and brings the closest experience to a “barbershop shave” while being cost-effective, so everyone can experience a fabulous shaving experience.

Save On Shave Razor
Save On Shave Razor

Our Mission

The team at Save on Shave was sick of being overcharged for cartridge razors and shave clubs which were owned by multinational corporations hiding behind a boutique ‘trading name’. So, we decided to redesign the razor and shaving experience to make it more enjoyable, efficient and considerably cheaper giving our customers a high quality “barber shop feel” shave time and time again.

Save on Shave’s signature products have been created with the environment at the forefront and everything from our packaging, to utilising refillable bottles minimise our environmental footprint and the damage we are doing to this wonderful planet we call home!

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We carry a large range of Bad Bones Barber Shop Products!