We Are On A Mission To
Reduce Plastic Waste

Reusable containers and minimal plastic packaging.

Save On Shave Razor

When we create our signature products at “Save On Shave” we are continually learning and trying to improve our environmental practices. We have all seen the damage single-use plastics have done to our world’s oceans and rivers with an estimated 2 billion disposable razors used each year only adding to the problem.

That is why our Pegasus shaver all-metal handle has a 10-year guarantee and blades that are designed to stay sharp and not dull quickly like some of our competitor’s products. It doesn’t make economic sense to encourage you to use fewer blades but it makes environmental sense to encourage you to “buy less and buy better”

When you purchase a “Save On Shave” razor you are getting a durable, well-designed product that will arrive packaged almost entirely in recycled paper with minimal use of plastic. Thank you for joining us on our journey to reduce plastic waste. At “Save On Shave” we believe sustainability isn’t just a slogan it’s a way of thinking.

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